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              联商网www.linkshop.com 提供专业、严谨、快速、全面的行业资讯

              搜铺网www.soupu.com 招商、拓展、运营、企划,一站式商业资源和服务对接平台

              知了壳www.zhiliaoke.com 专注零售培训,提供公开课、内训咨询、海外考察等服务


                海量策划案例 精美海报设计
                专业交流平台 企业宣传平台


                讲述零售人生 创新门店经营


                专业零售培训 实力讲师团队
                精选课程内容 打造一流课程

              About Linkshop:   

              ---The most significant retail industry portal webstie

              In October 2000, Zhejiang Yihe Network Information CO.,Ltd. announced the commencement of Linkshop, a website specializing in retail information offering. In the spirit of being intellectual, open and professional, the company aims to advance socially sustainable activities and business practices relevant to the retail industry in China.

              Linkshop has settled down its objectives to provide the most overall and detailed information to its members, and to commit itself into the most professional retail-info platform. To reach this vision, it has brought together the leading retail companies in the country, including department stores, supermarkets/malls, convenience stores, shopping malls, retail stores, together with growing companies in retail industry – product manufacturers, property developers, and consumers.

              Authority: Providing its members with the mostly timely and innovative research in the retail industry is a focus at Linkshop. People could learn the updated information, leaders’ talks, government’s regulations and policies, retail industry data, retail industry marketing cases, as well as overseas retail news, etc.

              Business opportunity: Retail business starts here. A raft of suppliers of IT software and hardware, new store location, real estate project investment, training and counseling, and retail book selling business are all available on the website.

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